Paris Internationale
Inga Danysz, Ron Ewert
October 19–24, 2021

Ron Ewert
I was not aware of that
August 15–October 23, 2021

Matt Siegle
September 20–26, 2021

Hunter Foster
June 3–July 10, 2021

Matt Siegle
Fruit Flies
February 28–May 8, 2021

Willa Wasserman
“Crawling on hands and knees,” flowers and well
November 8, 2020–January 16, 2021

NADA Miami with Gildar
Dr. Charles Smith
December 1–5, 2020

Dr. Charles Smith
On I-55
Organized with Gildar
November 22, 2020–January 16, 2021

Do u dig
Ron Ewert, Hubert Posey
Organized with Arts of Life (Chicago)
Hosted by Circle Contemporary
December 1, 2020–January 15, 2021

Azikiwe Mohammed
Welcome Home: A Sunday Afternoon (and Outside and With Place with NADA)
Presented within Mariel Capanna’s Little Stone, Open Home,
July 26–October 26, 2020

Isabelle Frances McGuire
P**** B**** ARENA
Hosted by Et al. (San Francisco)
May 30–July 11, 2020

Pei-Hsuan Wang
I’ve Left My Body to Occupy Others
February 29–April 25, 2020

MECA International Art Fair
Ezra Tessler
November 21–24, 2019

Walking the Cow
Mike Cloud, Annabeth Marks, Ezra Tessler
Hosted by Green Gallery West (Milwaukee)
November 8–December 10, 2019

Barely Fair
September 20–October 20, 2019

Chicago Invitational with Et al.
Brook Hsu, Jerry Phillips, Shana Sharp
September 18–21, 2019

Desolation Row
Inga Danysz, Ron Ewert, Amy Garofano, Matt Siegle
September 15–November 10, 2019

Ron Ewert
June 10–16, 2019

Matt Siegle
Come On Dun Horse
Hosted by Hamtramck Ceramck (Hamtramck, Michigan)
May 18–June 29, 2019

ザ ボックス ダ ばかたれが THE BOX
Hosted by Gutter Box (Raleigh)
May 10–June 15, 2019

Dan Gunn
Ungrateful Son
Presented within Mariel Capanna’s Little Stone, Open Home,
July 26–October 26, 2019

Camden Riley Active
Other Places art fair (OPaf) (organized by Keith Rocka Knittel)
March 16–17, 2019

Sex, Death, and Visceral Honesty:
Artworks and Publications by Independent Women’s Comic Artists
from the 1960s Underground Movement to Today

Curated by Layet Johnson and Leela Corman
Justine Andersen, Ivy Atoms, Ariel Bordeaux, Jessica Campbell, Lilli Carré, Flannery Cashill, Tyler Cohen, Leela Corman, Erin Curry, Anya Davidson, Margot Ferrick, Jess Fink, Emily Flake, Mary Fleener, W.T. Frick, Phoebe Gloeckner, Veronica Graham, Roberta Gregory, Rachel Mesplay Helm, MariNaomi, Megan Kelso, Lucy Knisley, Caroline McClain, Carta Monir, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Lark Pien, Kristen Radtke, Keiler Roberts, Jess Ruliffson, Beatrix Urkowitz, Mickey Zacchilli
Hosted by The Front (New Orleans)
January 12–February 3, 2019

Ron Ewert
I’m getting too old for this shirt
Hosted by Atlanta Contemporary
November 20–December 15, 2018

Floral Concepts
William Marcellus Armstrong, Anthony Campuzano, Matt Siegle
Hosted by Vernon Gardens (Vernon, California)
November 9–December 15, 2018

Hartmut Austen
Blurred Vision is just one of the Symptoms
Hosted by Atlanta Contemporary
October 24–November 18, 2018

Layet Johnson
for Utopian Visions Art Fair (organized by Srijon Chowdhury) as part of PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival
September 14–16, 2018

Jenny Gagalka
Hosted by Monaco (St. Louis)
August 3–September 8, 2018

where we meet
ektor garcia, Pei-Hsuan Wang
Hosted by Chicken Coop Contemporary (Portland)
June 22–July 29, 2018

A pointed finger draws the line
Milano Chow, Cayetano Ferrer, Amy Garofano, Jesse Robinson
Hosted by Interface (Oakland)
June 1–July 1, 2018

“May you live in interesting times”
Shannon Bool, Anna Breininger, Tony Garbarini, Stephen Kent
Hosted by High Tide (Philadelphia)
May 12–June 23, 2018

juntos pero no revueltos
Isa Gagarin, Hugo Montoya
Hosted by PARQUE Galería for Condo Mexico City
April 14–May 19, 2018

In Between the Lines
Raque Ford, Jerry Phillips
Hosted by Mylo Coffee Co. Roasting House (Little Rock)
April 6–June 9, 2018

Dustin Metz
Big Bible
Presented within Mariel Capanna’s Little Stone, Open Home,
February 26–May 26, 2018

Houdini Gulch
Talon Gustafson, Gretta Johnson, Ashley Zangle
Hosted by Holiday Forever (Jackson, Wyoming)
February 2–March 16, 2018

Mariel Capanna
Little Stone, Open Home,
October 12, 2017–

Guy Church
All Things Great And Small
September 9–October 7, 2017

The Best Is The Least We Can Do
Aaron Blendowski, Ian Jones, Irini Miga, Willie Wayne Smith, Katie Wynne
Hosted by Atlanta Contemporary
August 26–October 29, 2017

Never odd or even
Talon Gustafson, Steffani Jemison
Hosted by Syndicate (Cologne)
June 3–July 15, 2017

Fin Simonetti
June 3–July 29, 2017

Amy Garofano
Citrus on Pico
April 15–May 27, 2017

Thomas Friel
Feed me with your tears as long as your tears cry money
Hosted by The Front (New Orleans)
March 11–April 2, 2017

Dylan Spaysky
Wicker and Diapers
February 25–April 8, 2017

Alika Cooper
Wet Suits
November 26, 2016–January 14, 2017

Land’s End
Joshua Abelow, Lauren Cherry and Max Springer, Guy Church, Alika Cooper, Jenny Gagalka, Hanna Hur, Ian Jones, Matthew Kerkhof, James Payne, Jerry Phillips, Alexandros Lindsay, Caitlin MacBride, Martha Mysko, Daniel John Roberts, Fin Simonetti, Mateo Tannatt, Wesley Taylor, Ezra Tessler, John Zane Zappas
Hosted by Fringe Projects for Beach is Better
December 3, 2016

Elliott Earls
Death of a Salesman
October 22–November 19, 2016

Is this my tongue?
Layet Johnson, Eddie Lee Kendrick, Satoru Nihei
Hosted by Institute 193 (Lexington)
September 15–October 22, 2016

Anne Vieux
same window, different day
September 10–October 15, 2016

Tony Hope
August 6–September 3, 2016

Daniel Roberts, Willie Wayne Smith
Artist-Run Art Fair (organized by Open Space (Baltimore))
July 15–17, 2016

Blue Tiers
Alika Cooper, Mark Dineen, Talon Gustafson, Tony Hope, Martha Mysko, Dylan Spaysky
Hosted by COOP (Nashville)
June 4–26, 2016

Hartmut Austen
Here r more
May 13–June 25, 2016

Sondra Perry
April 9–May 8, 2016

Good Weather (Haynes Riley presenting Matthew Kerkhof)
Document V (organized by Sarrita Hunn and James McAnally)
Hosted by The Luminary (St. Louis)
March 25–May 20, 2016

Matthew Kerkhof
My Psychedelic American Dream Garage
February 20–March 26, 2016

Jess Hirsch
oh dip
January 9–February 13, 2016

Michael Boswell
November 28, 2015–January 2, 2016

Jerry Phillips
Cultivate Your Garden
October 23–November 21, 2015

Willie Wayne Smith
Loose Lips and Forgotten Lines
September 11–October 17, 2015

Mathew Zefeldt
Sunny Awnings
May 30–July 4, 2015

Jessica Harvey
Making Meaning Out of Mountains
April 25–May 23, 2015

Devin Farrand
Blocks on Blocks
February 28–April 11, 2015

Terry James Conrad
rocks, boxes, and dirt
January 10–February 21, 2015

Sarah Leflar
History Painting
November 29–December 27, 2014

Ron Ewert
I would like to see what happens
October 25–November 22, 2014

Martha Mysko
It was an ordinary day...
August 8–September 6, 2014

Jon P. Geiger
A Durable Canon
June 27–August 2, 2014

Terry James Conrad, Tony Garbarini, Talon Gustafson, Mary Laube, Harlan Mack
9/50: A Southeast Arts Presenters Summit (organized by Stuart Horodner and Rachel Reese)
Hosted by Atlanta Contemporary
June 20–22, 2014

James Payne
big beautiful baby
April 19–June 7, 2014

Michael Assiff
February 16–March 29, 2014

Trisha Holt
Theeere you go
January 3–February 8, 2014

In All Kinds of Weather (organized by Haynes Riley and Chase Westfall)
Lauren Cherry and Max Springer, Jenny Gagalka, Tony Garbarini, Talon Gustafson, Layet Johnson, Ian Jones, Daniel John Roberts, Erin Sweeny, Ezra Tessler, Katie Wynne, John Zane Zappas
Hosted by /protocol/ (Gainesville)
December 6, 2013–January 3, 2014

Layet Johnson
November 26, 2013–January 1, 2014

Lauren Cherry and Max Springer
October 27–November 23, 2013

Ezra Tessler
The Red-Haired Man
August 25–October 12, 2013

Jenny Gagalka
July 6–August 3, 2013

Katie Wynne
Let's do tomorrow what we did today
May 25–June 22, 2013

Talon Gustafson
Country Husband (Eat M)
April 27–May 18, 2013

Ian Jones
Vestige Vagrant Varial
March 9–April 20, 2013

Erin Sweeny
Tarpaulin Muster
January 15–February 12, 2013

John Zane Zappas
December 13, 2012–January 10, 2013

Daniel John Roberts
Unlikely Defectors
November 20–December 8, 2012

Tony Garbarini
Shark Week
October 18–November 8, 2012